In 2016, Nicole Sarah Photography became one of the first photographers in Alberta to offer Associates. They are all professional, vetted photographers trained by Nicole to capture weddings in the same way she would. (Let's be honest, they are funnier than her!) Now, we are a team of nearly 20 talented photographers serving Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria and beyond. Nicole now takes very limited bookings. We train and trust all of our Associates to represent our brand, giving you a superior experience and final imagery that is unmatched.

an unmatched level of dedication

Our Team

All of your editing is handled by Nicole. Our Associates are trained in Medium Format and 35mm. You will receive sneak peeks and a final gallery that is film-like, airy, romantic, and most importantly, TIMELESS. Ready to make the easiest wedding day decision? Contact Us today!

We can't wait to get to know you!

The Big Day

If you are not working with a wedding planner, our PDF guide and FREE example photography itinerary guides provide you with everything you need to plan the outline of your day. Your job is to show up and have an amazing time. Now doesn't that sound nice?


Nicole will handle your inquiry, consultation and booking. Based on availability, venue and personalities, Nicole will select the Associate best suited to your beautiful wedding. You get to decide if you'd like Nicole or your Associate for your Calgary or Mountain Engagement Session! She will assist you with wardrobe styling, any questions you have along the way and working with you determining locations and photo planning details.


What to expect working with an associate

Weddings: Starting at $2650


Engagements: Starting at $500

“Love isn’t something you find, Love is something that finds you”


Inquire about our associate team

Let's get to know each other

Nicole has over 20 years experience, therefore this is reflected in her personal pricing. The value of having an associate is that you get both Nicole and your Associate to assist with your planning. You also receive the same calibre of customer service on your wedding day, the same final look - at a price that fits your budget.

What is the value in an associate member?

Exactly like what you see on our website. Nicole will be the one to select and edit your images. The colouring and style will be identical to Nicole's. 

What will the final images look like?

If you’d like to, you absolutely can. We can schedule a Facetime or coffee ahead of time. An engagement session is also a great way to get to know each other.

Do we get to meet our photographer?

Nicole will determine who is the best fit for your wedding based on experience, venue and personality. If two associates are available and seem like a great fit, we give you the choice between the two! Our goal is to offer you an unmatched experience.

Who will shoot my wedding?

have some questions?

Julie + Adam

Richelle was the photographer for our wedding day and was amazing to work with! Nothing but good things to say about Richelle on our wedding day - she was calm, helpful, and made sure we had all the pictures we wanted with our family and friends. Nicole is very responsive and has been wonderful in all communications we've had with her both before and after our wedding.

Meghan + Mark

We met with Nicole and approached her with a short time frame of only 3 months. She was excellent and accommodating and was able to offer the services of one of her associate photographers, Richelle. On the wedding day she put us all at ease. She was excellent, working several hours in the hot sun and indoors later. She was patient and organized as we had pictures taken with our entire guest list.


The ‘proof is in the pudding’, and the photos were excellent. We were so happy with the reveal, wedding party, family and guest photos. The candid photos Richelle took were also amazing. These are the moments that really caught my attention. Capturing hugs with the kids, bad dance moves, and moment jokes caught us off guard.

We had a very pleasant experience with Nicole
Sarah and her team. They captured our day perfectly!!

Our experience with the associate was wonderful! The photographer was very professional, very fun and very easy going. She was fantastic to work with and I hate to say it, we didn't even miss Nicole... Our final photos turned out amazing and they are everything we wanted them to be. The processing time was also very reasonable. We got our photos within a month, all of them loaded on a USB stick together with a very nice album that Nicole put together.

We had nothing but the most wonderful experience with Nicole Sarah Photography! We picked Nicole for the style of her photography and our main concern was that the associate would not have the same styling, but as it turns out Nicole does all the editing herself and she handpicks the people she works with.