Traditional Family Photography or Candids

Traditional Family Photography or Candids


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As a wedding photographer I often get asked by my clients how they should approach their wedding photography for the “formal” portion of the day.

In reality, there is no one right way or wrong way to approach how you would like to do your formal portraits. Typically, I like to ask clients to write down some things about their family. Remember it’s your day, but also to consider how your parents may want to remember the day too.

Perhaps your family is very close and you don’t see each other very often. In this case, it may be important for your to have some more traditional posed family photos.

More often these days young couples are taking a more journalistic and candid approach to the family photo portion of the day. Instead of the posed family photos, they host an activity like a champagne toast or toasting smores after the ceremony but before the cocktail and dinner. These events are usually held outdoors and act almost as the re-invented receiving line. This offers up a wonderful opportunity to take amazing candid photographs depicting true emotions of the day in a more natural way.

On the contrary, it may be difficult for your photographer to capture everyone in this situation, so be aware that not every person may have their likeness photographed.

It really is your day and your choice, but it is so important to sit down and really think about what you want so that you can focus on having an amazing experience!


Nicole Sarah 


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