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10 Things Wedding Guests Hate

10 Things Wedding Guests Hate

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Are you planning a wedding? Make sure you avoid these ten things that wedding guests hate if you want to make sure your special day is a success.

1. Long waits

Nothing is more irritating for wedding guests than long waits between the ceremony and reception, or long waits between courses at the reception. Make sure you plan your day accordingly to keep your guests entertained and happy.

2. Uncomfortable seating

It’s important to make sure your guests have comfortable seating. Wedding guests hate having to stand up for long periods of time or having to squeeze into uncomfortable chairs.

3. Poorly lit reception area

This can be a big issue for wedding guests, especially older guests who may have difficulty seeing in a dimly lit area. Make sure your reception area is well lit and comfortable.

4. Unclear directions

Make sure you provide clear directions to your guests on how to get to the wedding venue and reception area. Nothing is worse than arriving late or getting lost on the way to the wedding.

5. Too much drinking

While it’s always nice to offer your guests a few drinks, it’s important to keep things in moderation. Wedding guests hate having to deal with drunken guests who can’t control themselves.

6. Inattentive staff

Make sure you hire enough staff for your wedding so that your guests are attended to throughout the evening. Nothing is worse than having no one to serve drinks or help with seating arrangements.

7. Bad food

Make sure you serve delicious, high-quality food to your guests. Wedding guests hate having to eat bland, tasteless food that was obviously made from pre-packaged mixes.

8. Too much dancing

While dancing is a great way to get everyone up and having fun, it’s important to not take it too far. Wedding guests hate being forced to dance and having no opportunities to sit and chat with other guests.

9. Unreasonable requests

Make sure you don’t make any unreasonable requests of your guests, such as asking them to bring a gift or donate to a charity. Wedding guests hate feeling obligated to do anything other than enjoy the festivities.

10. Unorganized events

Make sure you plan your events carefully and have an organized timeline. Wedding guests hate having to wait around for the next part of the day to begin or being confused about what’s happening next.

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