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Planning Wedding Photography

Can you hire a wedding photographer last minute?

Consider a studio

As a wedding photography studio, we have the benefit of having more than one photographer available on most popular wedding dates! Some couples may be apprehensive about having an associate on their wedding day. They may feel that their experience isn’t the same as the studio owner, however this just isn’t always true! Our studio ensures we train all of our associates in our style and your final work is always selected and retouched by our studio owner.


Be flexible on day of the week

Weekends are always the first to become fully booked. Saturday’s are typically not an option at the last-minute. However, if you consider hosting your wedding on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday, you might have an excellent chance! Quite often we’ve been able to accommodate weekday weddings as these days are usually reserved for photo sessions, editing and administrative duties.


Adjust your timeline

You may need to try a different start or end time than you were hoping for. Since we shoot many engagement and family sessions on weekdays as well as have family commitments, we may only be able to offer certain timing. Be clear in your email what timeline you are looking for so that the photographer can decide if they will be able to make arrangements. Hiring a day – of wedding coordinator to help you here is a great idea.

Consider a custom package

Not everyone fits into a perfect package. It’s okay to ask your photographer if you have the option of a custom hourly rate for a shorter day. You may not have the time available to have detail photos of your invitations or table settings, but you would have the most important aspects covered.

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