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COVID-19: How to Reduce Your Guest List

COVID-19: How to Reduce Your Guest List


COVID-19 has changed the landscape of weddings this year as we know them! Beautifully planned days with many intricate details have had to be changed drastically and quickly. Dealing with having to change dates and reduce your guest list in order to comply with government mandates can be stressful and exhausting. Even into the 2021 season we may see the earlier weddings in spring and early summer still see some challenges and restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an amazing wedding day! Figuring out where to start will be based on the current guidelines in place by your province or the federal government. The situation is changing so quickly. The first place to start is your guest list. You can still have an amazing day with the key people there!


Give the Option For Guests to Attend Virtually

COVID has made the virtual option much more popular. This allows anyone who is overseas or in another country, immunocompromised etc, the ability to still “attend” your day. There’s many different platforms to use such as Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, Skype and more. If you have a wedding planner chat about each option and see which works best for you. You can include guests who are attending virtually to partake in mixing cocktails at home or giving speeches of their own.


Postpone The Reception

A lot of couples get really excited about being able to have a party and see family and friends. If you have an elopement or micro wedding this year, you can ask your vendors if they would be willing to split your coverage to two dates and have your reception at another date. Being open to dates will give you flexibility.

How do we “uninvite” people if we are having a micro wedding first?

If you’ve already sent invitations there’s a few options to politely let guests know that you are postponing or that you need to trim your guest list. This situation has affected the entire world, so most people will be kind and understanding. Be open and clear letting them know why you made this decision and that it’s for the safety of everyone. The best way to do this is to phone people and personally speak to them. If this isn’t an option, hand-written notes or cards are a good option as well. Let them know you would like to celebrate with them at another time during your new reception date.



If you’re going to postpone the entire wedding, send a change the date card as soon as possible to give your guests ample time to make new plans. There are a lot of options online to make your own, or if you can support local and it’s in your budget, have your stationary artist create something for you or go digital if you can’t.


The Pro’s of a Smaller Wedding

Changing your plans drastically is not the most ideal situation, however there are many silver linings to this! This past summer we personally saw many couples have smaller weddings and remark that they were truly able to enjoy their wedding days without the added stress of having to spend time with everyone. Others enjoyed having a more intimate and private ceremony more than they thought they would, and looked forward to sharing their vows a second time in front of everyone at a later date. Postponing also allows you time to save your money to upgrade your future wedding or reception in areas that you might not have been able to afford previously!  Having a smaller guest list allows you time to truly be present with everyone attending and makes everyone feel safe. The whole day is much more relaxed and laid back. This is in contrast to a more traditional day which often has a lot going on and goes by in a flash.


While changing your plans isn’t always a fun thing to do, it can have benefits – most importantly the safety of everyone. Hopefully these tips help you feel a little better about your planning and make things a little easier for you. Is there something we missed? If so, we’d love to expand on this! Please send us an email. [email protected] xo

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