Engagement sessions can be done any time, provided we have space on our calendar and are first come first served. We advise booking your session date tentatively as soon as your wedding day is booked. We work together to plan the details such as location and wardrobe, which can take a couple of weeks at minimum.

When should we have our Engagement Session?

Yes! All packages and sessions include your images fully culled and edited in our timeless style. You will receive web and print size images (you can print up to poster size if you like!) on a private online gallery for you to download and share with family and friends. We have custom heirloom album options as well as a print atelier for you to order professional quality prints. We even have pre-matted and framed options for you.

Will I receive digital files?

Since our calendar fills up quite quickly, it’s advisable to book your date as soon as you have your venue secured. This could be one year, or around 8 months before your wedding day. If your wedding is more than a year away, please let us know.

How far in advance should we book?

Nicole takes a very limited number of weddings per year and is our main editor. Associate photographers are professionals with their own wedding photography companies in Calgary and beyond. 

They were chosen because of their talent, personalities, and the fact that they represent and uphold our style, customer service, and brand values.

When an associate shoots your wedding, Nicole and her associate work closely with you/your planner through the planning process. Everything you see in our portfolio and on social media is a combination of all of our work.

What are Associate photographers?

Dependent on availability, you have the option to choose between Nicole or one of her talented Associate photographers.

Nicole has carefully chosen and trained associates she has worked with over the years to give you the same expert level of quality and customer service.

The planning of your day and editing will be completed by Nicole so there will be no compromise on quality of service or final imagery.

Who will photograph my wedding?

After we meet or Facetime and go over the options that best suit your needs, a photography agreement is prepared for you to sign. We ask for a 50% retainer to save the date, with the remainder of your package is due one month before your wedding day.

How do we Save the Date?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for something?

The government and local municipalities set out their guidelines for what “out of town vendors” are required to have in order to shoot there. These permits fees for wedding packages are pro-rated and we ensure that we are fully licensed to work in specific Alberta National Parks and the Town of Banff/Canmore. We never want to risk our couples being fined on their wedding day or not having a vendor. Though they are an additional expense, they allow couples to have a much larger talent pool of photographers to choose from aside from the limited offerings in these towns. 

Why are there permit fees for some areas in the mountains?

No. However, Engagement Sessions are a great way to get used to being in front of the camera, feel comfortable with your photographer, – and have a little fun! Many couples book from overseas and we are still able to capture your personalities and have a fantastic experience as we work to get to know you leading up to the wedding day and on the day itself.

Is an Engagement Session necessary?

Engagement sessions can be added on to any of our packages. 

Are Engagement Sessions included?

Protecting your images and ensuring you receive quality images is non-negotiable. While equipment can fail, we do come prepared with extra camera bodies, memory cards and other equipment.

Do you have backup equipment?

Unless a wedding has 300 or more guests, or the couple is getting ready an hour apart from each other it’s not necessary. The number of images you receive will be the same, and in 12+ years of shooting not a single groom reaction has been missed. On occasion, an assistant may be brought along to help carry equipment, set up, and organize during the day. This is typically only for large weddings.

Will you have an assistant or second shooter?

Yes please. No one likes a hangry wedding photographer. In all honesty, being on our feet for many hours during the day, trying not to miss a moment means that it’s difficult to eat lunch. We ask for a meal during dinner service so that we don’t pass out on your wedding day.

Do you require a meal?

Photographers are artists, and all artists value their time and work a little differently. We also offer different options in our packages. Some might edit a portion of the photos, others may edit all of them. Additionally, the add-on’s and extra service you receive before the wedding and afterwards can make a difference. Compromising on budget certainly means you will compromise on either the experience with your photographer in the planning stages or on the wedding day, or worse – be disappointed in the final results. Aside from finding a great style that you love the most important thing is finding a photographer who you really “click” with. (Pun intended).

Why do photographers have different pricing and package options?

why are associate packages priced differently?

Associate packages are priced slightly lower than Nicole's as they prefer to take weddings when they'd like to focus on what they do best: creating art!

The intense administrative, planning and editing portions are completed by Nicole herself.

Our pricing also ensures we can compensate our photographers fairly, ensuring sustainability in our industry.
Other photographers may have very low or attractively priced associate packages, and this will be reflective in the experience leading up to the wedding, the day itself and the final images.