Calgary Wedding Photographers

Calgary Wedding Photographers

There are so many talented Calgary wedding photographers, so we know how daunting it can be to find the perfect fit for you. Every wedding photographer offers something unique and different, and you may have a few questions about who we are, the wedding photography process, and what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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I am a boutique nature inspired wedding, engagement, and lifestyle Calgary wedding photographer. My style is largely candid with a soft, feminine, film-like romantic appeal. What makes your big day memorable are those special moments that aren’t forced, or posed, they are natural. These are the images that will tell your love story in an authentic and beautiful way.

Recently, by Wedding Industry Experts, I was voted 1st Place Most Popular Wedding Photographer in Calgary, and 1st Place in Alberta. I also was honoured to be awarded 3rd Most Popular Wedding Photographer in Canada, and 5th Worldwide!



Some Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Calgary photographers have different pricing and packages?

Photographers are artists, and all artists value their time
and work a little differently. We also offer different things in
our packages. Some might edit a portion of the photos,
others may edit all of them. Additionally, the add-on’s and
extra service you receive before the wedding and afterwards
can make a difference. Aside from finding a great
style that you love, the most important thing is finding a
photographer who you really “click” with. (Pun intended).


How can we Save the Date with Nicole Sarah?

After we meet and go over the options that best suit your
needs, a photography agreement is signed. I ask for a 50%
retainer to save the date, with the remainder of your package
due one month before your wedding day.


Do you have backup equipment?

Protecting your images and ensuring you receive quality
images is non-negotiable. While equipment can fail, I do
come prepared with extra camera bodies, memory cards
and other equipment.


How far in advance should we book?

Weddings venues and photographers in Calgary book fast (as you are probably starting to find out!)
Since the calendar fills up quite quickly, it’s advisable to
book your date as soon as you have your venue secured.
This could be one year, or around 8 months before your
wedding day. If your wedding is more than a year away,
please let us know.


Do you require a meal?

Yes please! No one likes a hangry wedding photographer.
In all honesty, being on my feet for many hours during the
day, trying not to miss a moment means that it’s difficult to
eat lunch or even a snack. I ask for a meal during dinner service so that I
don’t pass out on your wedding day. (Yikes!) Time taken to
eat a meal is re-couped.


Will you have an assistant or second shooter?

Unless a wedding has 275 or more guests, or the bride and
groom are getting ready an hour apart from each other it’s
not necessary. On occasion, an assistant may be brought
along to help carry equipment, set up, and organize during
the day. This is typically only for large weddings.


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