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A collection of stories. We are all about photography for those who are crazy in love and education for photographers who love capturing the madly in love.

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Riverside Engagement

Riverside Engagement

Amy + Steve are such a fun couple that compliment each other’s personalities SO well! I always love working with couples who share a fun sense of humor and aren’t afraid to climb around (and take their shoes on and off a million times for me!) to get to beautiful locations. For their engagement session, we headed to Fish Creek Park to stroll along the riverside. (Okay let’s be honest, there was a little strolling and a lot of mosquito swatting!) These two are absolutely beautiful and I am so excited for their upcoming wedding!


More from Amy below!

Our first date was at Craft. We spent something like 3 hours sitting next to each other, talking, laughing, and drinking beer. We didn’t waste any time planning a second date- it was only 2 days later! From then on, we just clicked- spending as much time together as my shift work schedule would allow. That winter I had picked up skiing seriously again, and Steve is a pretty avid snowboarder, so we spent many weekends in the mountains. We (and Finn, my cat) moved in together a year and 2 days after our first date!
For New Years of this past year we went to Revelstoke for a ski trip with some friends. There was so much snow! December 31 we were all up bright and early to get on the hill. Steve was being really weird through the day- he kept saying to me “Where were you? I was looking for you in the trees!” after we would do a run. I couldn’t figure out why he was asking me that- he knows I usually end up on the groomed run, even if I start going through the trees a bit at the top!  A couple runs after lunch my knee was starting to bother me, and I told Steve I was going to call it a day, and go back to the base lodge, but that he should keep boarding with friends who were there. He kind of thought about it a bit, and then said “nah I’m going to come back with you- there’s something I want to look at in the Ski Shop anyway.” I couldn’t believe he was going to sacrifice another couple hours of such good snow, and argued with him a bit about it. In the end, he came with me (against my will). We decided to take the gondola down, as my knee was getting pretty sore. Once on the gondola Steve was being weird again- he kept trying to get his board to stand up without having to hold onto it like usual. I think I commented on it, and he said something like “but I need 2 hands to do this” and got down on one knee, pulling a ring box out of his jacket pocket. Of course I said yes right away!!!! Turns out he was hoping to propose in the trees on the hill, but I kept skiing away from him all day!
Because we are kind of goofs, we decided not to tell the people we were in Revelstoke with, and just see if they noticed. 3 guys…. one noticed like 7 hours later, the other 2 didn’t notice at all, even after I was being really obvious, flashing my left hand around, pointing at the menu with my left ring finger etc. It made for a funny New Years Eve out!
Our wedding is this October, at Heritage Park. We didn’t want a really long engagement, and both of our parents and loads of friends are in Calgary. Hopefully it will be a fun, laid back day, full of love and laughs and food and drinks!

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