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A collection of stories. We are all about photography for those who are crazy in love and education for photographers who love capturing the madly in love.

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Silvertip Golf Course Wedding

Silvertip Golf Course Wedding

We love being mountain wedding photographers! Kaila and Matt are the SWEETEST couple! There was so much emotion in the air from the moment the day started until the end of the night. When Matt looks at Kaila, he is totally overcome, and she returns in kind. That’s the kind of love that sweeps you off your feet and you know will endure the test of time. What was truly magical about their day was how close they are with their family and friends and let me tell you – there ain’t no party like a party full of east – coasters! I am truly blessed to have been their wedding photographer.

More about their love story and wedding below, I hope you enjoy their


How Did you Meet?

We met through friends when Matt was here in Grande Prairie from Calgary, working. He was renting a room off of one of my friends fiance’s who he worked with. He was supposed to be here for 3 months, and its now been almost 7 years! (Holy smokes!)   

Engagement story: 

We were in Cuba for a family vacation with my family. After a few days of being there on the resort we planned a catamaran excursion but the night before the day trip Matt was feeling super ill. I couldn’t do anything to help so naturally I fed him some medication… some Pepto, some Gravol, you name it. Nothing was helping him. Morning comes around, he’s doing okay. We get ready to head out to the catamaran, we board, we head out to swim with dolphins, go snorkelling… poor Matt is as white as a ghost but making it through. We get to this island for lunch and Matt heads right to the bar. After a delicious lobster and pina colada lunch we and the family walk the beach and go for a swim in the ocean. My family is huge on family photos so we gather for a photo. Afterward Matt suggests him and I get a photo together and of course I jump at the opportunity (since when does Matt ask for a photo instead of Kaila begging for one??…Score!) We get a photo, theres some pausing to make sure the lighting was good, and confirmation that everyone got a photo. Before I know it Matt pulls away from a kissing photo and drops down on one knee!! All photographed and recorded… Through my squealing he heard yes!


The Wedding Day:

Our wedding day was fast! Everyone tells you to enjoy every moment and you think “Yes, of course I will! Why is everyone suggesting that!?” But honest. We know the phrase now entirely. Take it all in because it goes by way…too..quickly. The entire day was incredible. Everything was so calm, the weather was perfect-sunny and warm with a nice breeze. Then it all sped up and got so exciting so quickly! It was like the limo was there to pick each party up, and we were walking down the aisle, scooting to the limo to head out for pictures, and then kicking our feet up on the dance floor, laughing, hugging, loving, and celebrating!

I think I could write a book about our wedding or at least a never ending blog… I loved everything about this beautiful day. I got to do a reveal with my dad and have my mom see it all happen. My mom was right in on all things wedding throughout the planning process and we purposely left my dad in the dark so we could do a reveal with him this day and the wait was well worth it by the look on his face even through the aviators! LOL

So many memorable moments to love this day, but I think for us, our favourite moment was the ceremony. We got married at the Silvertip Gazebo. Matt was turned away until I got to the entrance of the aisle with my Dad. The best man then tapped him on the shoulder to turn around. The feeling is indescribable seeing each other for the first time… Matt says I said “Ohh mann..” But all I really remember is just wanting to jog down that aisle haha.  Who comes up with this slow walk anyways??



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