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Tips for authentically candid wedding photography

Tips for authentically candid wedding photography

Wedding photography has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when couples would pose stiffly in front of the camera, looking uncomfortable and unnatural. Today, authentic and candid wedding photography has become increasingly popular. Couples want their photos to capture the real moments and emotions of their special day, not just staged poses.

So, how can you ensure that you capture authentic and candid wedding photos? Here are some top tips:

  1. Get to know the couple

Before the wedding day, take the time to get to know the couple. This will help you understand their personalities and style, and allow you to capture photos that truly reflect who they are. Schedule an engagement session or simply have a conversation with them to learn about their preferences and what they hope to see in their photos.

  1. Be discreet

To capture authentic and candid moments, you need to blend in with the crowd. This means being discreet and not drawing attention to yourself. Wear neutral clothing that doesn’t stand out, and avoid using flash if possible. Instead, use natural light or a low-light camera to capture the moment without interrupting it.

  1. Anticipate the moment

To capture the perfect candid moment, you need to anticipate it. Keep your camera ready and be on the lookout for emotional moments, such as a mother’s tears or a groom’s smile. Be ready to capture these moments at any time, and be quick on the shutter button to capture them before they pass.

  1. Use a long lens

A long lens allows you to capture candid moments from a distance without interrupting the moment. This is especially important during the ceremony or reception when emotions are running high. A long lens also helps you capture intimate moments without being intrusive.

  1. Use a second shooter

Having a second shooter allows you to capture more candid moments from different angles. While one photographer is capturing the bride’s reactions, the other can capture the groom’s reactions. This ensures that you capture more of the authentic moments of the day.

  1. Capture the details

Candid wedding photography isn’t just about capturing emotional moments. It’s also about capturing the details that make the day special, such as the wedding dress, the rings, and the decorations. These details help tell the story of the day and add to the overall authenticity of the photos.

  1. Be patient

Candid wedding photography requires patience. It’s about waiting for the right moment to capture the perfect shot. Don’t be afraid to wait and observe, and don’t try to force a moment. Be patient, and the authentic moments will come.

  1. Don’t be afraid to direct

While candid wedding photography is all about capturing authentic moments, there are times when you may need to direct the couple. For example, during the portrait session, you may need to suggest poses or positions to get the perfect shot. However, be sure to do this in a way that feels natural and comfortable for the couple, so the photos still feel authentic.

  1. Be creative

Candid wedding photography doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions to capture unique and interesting photos. Be open to trying new things and taking risks, and don’t be afraid to break the rules.

  1. Edit with care

Editing is an important part of the photography process, but it’s important to edit with care when it comes to candid wedding photos. Don’t over-edit or manipulate the photos too much, as this can take away from the authenticity of the moment. Focus on enhancing the natural beauty of the photo, rather than completely changing it.

In conclusion, authentic and candid wedding photography is all about capturing the real moments and emotions of the day. To do this successfully, you need to be discreet, patient, and ready to anticipate the moment.

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