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What To Expect From Your Bridesmaids

What To Expect From Your Bridesmaids


Are you wondering how to divide bridesmaid tasks and how they will handle what is asked of them? We’ve compiled a list of what you can expect from your bridesmaids and what they can expect from you as a bride!

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What should a bride expect from her bridesmaids?

The many tasks and costs associated with being a bridesmaid can be overwhelming. A bride should expect her bridesmaids to be helpful, but it’s equally important to set realistic expectations and be understanding as well. Bridesmaids should be expected to:

Be a non-judgmental and supportive friend

During the entire planning process and the wedding day, bridesmaids should be trusted listeners and support persons. The bridal party is there to help you with ideas and to be as supportive as possible. That doesn’t mean that a bride should treat her bridesmaids as therapists. Sometimes it’s great to cut the wedding talk and just be there for each other. Remember to ask your bridesmaids how they are doing since the cost and stress of being in a wedding party can be a lot!

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Bridesmaids should help with wedding-related tasks

Bridesmaids can be expected to help with tasks and errands such as picking up items like your veil, gathering family or small children in the wedding party, etc. Bridesmaids are an extra pair of hands that should be trusted to help ease the pressure on you on your wedding day. They can help you choose what they will be wearing and help to plan and host showers and parties. Remember to steer clear of any demanding behaviour.

Cover certain costs

It is customary for bridesmaids to pay for their dresses, shoes, and accessories. Costs can add up for your shower, bachelorette, travel, and hotels.

Bridesmaids should keep the bride calm, watered, and fed!

A wedding day is full of so much excitement and last-minute errands and tasks that a bride can forget to care for herself. Her bridesmaids will be critical in ensuring she’s had enough water and food. Weddings are long days so a good breakfast and lunch and snacks during photos are important.

What Your Bridesmaids Can Expect From The Bride

We’ve seen many weddings where friendships can crack after brides become excessively demanding. Remember, these are your friends who are giving their time and money to help support you, so treat them in kind! Be compassionate and understanding. Being in a wedding party is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful at times – so bear this in mind. Everyone has feelings and personal priorities outside of your wedding. Tasks should be reasonable.


Understand the financial investment

Being in a wedding party is expensive! People have many mounting costs these days, and it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect a bridesmaid to put precedence on your wedding over their needs. Bridal party members might be in different stages in their lives as well. If some have new jobs or children, they may already be stretched thin, so be compassionate. Always try to be as cost-friendly as possible and save money where you can. They will appreciate it. If someone needs to bow out of one of your events or parties due to finances, be empathetic as life happens.

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Be thankful and show it!

It’s a kind gesture to put thought and effort into a meaningful gift for your bridesmaids. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Gifts should be personalized and show that you appreciate their friendship and assistance.

Lastly, set the tone for your wedding day! If you’re relaxed and happy your friends will be laid back and supportive of you as they help you plan and ultimately get down the aisle!

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