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10 Things Not To Do On Your Wedding Day, Wedding Planning, Wedding Blog

10 Things Not to Do on Your Wedding Day


Weddings are busy, intense days! There are so many things you should being doing, but also a few things you should not do on your wedding day so that you can enjoy it fully. After all, your wedding is a day that you have been looking forward to and planning for at least a year (okay, maybe since you were 7!). You’ve been focusing on finding the perfect dress, a wedding photographer, what to have on the menu and all of the million other things that make up your day. So it’s important that you have a great time. Here’s a handy list of 10 things not to do on your wedding day to help you relax and remember it fondly for many years to come.


1. Get too drunk.

1 mimosa, 2 mimosa, 3 mimosa, FLOOR! Your wedding day will likely be full of your bridal party simply trying to get you to relax. Set yourself a maximum until after your thank you speech and then let loose a little – but not so much that you can’t remember your wedding! You do want to remember your wedding day right?


2.Wear 4″ heels.

I love me some Louboutins, but wearing them all day long isn’t realistic. No matter how much you try to break in your favorite new pair of heels, your feet are going to get tired and swollen. The downside is when you take them off – good luck getting them back on. Have your heels handy for photos, but slip into a pair of flats or sandals for walking to and from locations. If you do opt for heels, make sure you buy a good moleskin or padding.


3. Forget to eat and drink water.

The craziness of the day and the nerves might make it hard to want to eat a full meal, and if you add in a couple of drinks you could be in trouble before you even get to the ceremony. Make sure you or someone else is in charge of having snacks (and portable snacks) so that you can pick away through the day. Also, with a couple of drinks or hot weather, it’s easy to forget to drink a lot of water. It’s hard to go to the washroom in a wedding dress, but that’s where your girlfriends come in to help! Here’s a handy list of the best and worst foods to eat on  your wedding day.


4. Take regular bathroom breaks.

As above, it’s hard to go to the washroom in a dress so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Often, it’s more funny than embarrassing! Besides, you’ll need to if you follow the above rule. Don’t suffer, just go!


5. Forget that it’s your wedding.

It can feel pretty overwhelming to have a room full of people who have traveled to be a part of your day. You can absolutely catch up with everyone and still experience the party. Try to circle the room and thank each table as a group right after dinner, before the dancing starts. This avoids long one-on-one conversations with everyone. Don’t feel guilty, it’s your special day and people will understand that you are busy!


6. Lose your husband in the crowd.

Go around each table and greet your guests together as a newly married couple. It can be really easy to lose your husband in the crowd with everyone wanting attention from the both of you. Make an effort to try and have a good time together, it is after all your wedding day!


7. Argue or get annoyed with parents.

Sometimes parents, despite the best of intentions can ask a lot of questions or interrupt frequently. They are simply trying to do their best to make sure everything runs smoothly. As easy as it can be to get annoyed, have a quiet conversation with them and ask that they direct questions to your maid of honour or best man so that you can focus on having fun, instead of wondering why the caterer isn’t there yet, or why your favors aren’t on the tables.


8. Complain.

So your wedding day didn’t go perfectly as planned. That’s okay. I’ve never shot a wedding that has! Try not to focus on those little details. The day is about having fun and celebrating your new marriage. Ask yourself  – is the thing you are complaining about something that will totally ruin your wedding? Will it be something you really care about or remember in 30 years? Chances are it’s not!


9. Fret about your timeline.

I have also never seen a wedding that followed a timeline exactly – even with a wedding planning. It’s common for things to run 15-30 minutes behind or more. Guests and family are there for you and understand that things happen. Try not to stress about everything being perfect and go with the flow! Here’s a handy wedding day planning guide that will make your life easier.


10. Snapchat all night.

It’s okay to take a little break from Social Media for the day. Besides, everyone else at the wedding will be SnapChatting and Instagramming away. It’s hard to be present in the moment when you are staring at your phone all night. Enjoy yourself and let your professional photographer capture all of those special, candid moments.


Is there anything I missed? Feel free to comment below!


Need more planning inspiration? Check out this post on 10 Things to Never Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

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  1. Sydney Marie says:

    LOVE THIS! So many brides forget the most important thing is to enjoy their big day!

  2. Christina Forehand says:

    This list is amazing! And so dead on.

  3. Catherine Unrau Woelk says:

    A fantastic list!

  4. Mia Afanador Minoletti says:

    Such great tips! Wish I had these before my wedding!

  5. Christy Wilson Photography says:

    These are wonderful tips for the wedding day. It is so sad being the wedding photographer and seeing these things happen in front of your eyes!

  6. Payal Patel says:

    An awesome list! We will have to relay this to our couples!

  7. Amanda Berube says:

    Great advice!!!

  8. Erica Tuers Courtine says:

    This is a great article! It’s funny the things you pick up on when you are a wedding photographer!

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