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A collection of stories. We are all about photography for those who are crazy in love and education for photographers who love capturing the madly in love.

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Meg + Jeff Engaged!

As Calgary wedding photographers, we absolutely love getting to shoot beautiful engagements!

The year, 2007.
The month, September.
In the city of Waterloo the days were hot, humid and busy preparing for Frosh Week. Neither of them would have ever guessed that they would meet the love of their lives that week, nor did they understand how it would develop. After becoming good friends throughout their university days, they went their separate ways; Meg to complete her Masters in Australia and Jeff to work full time in Alberta, a world apart.

Time went on, Meg finished her Masters and moved to Hamilton for her first full time post-grad job and reunited with old Canadian friends: luckily for Jeff, he was one of them. After a few years and occasional chances to hang out when Meg was visiting her parents, they decided to plan an actual trip together…they were beginning to realize how happy they were together but still not willing to admit it while living in different provinces. As the plans developed for their trip, they became more and more aware of what they were getting into, how happy and excited they were to see each other and, inevitably, realized they should try and find a way to make this a more permanent thing.

Fast forward to today and they have.

Note: the 4runner did not break down on the trip (all 2,200 km) and still runs as strong as their love today.

The Engagement Story:

The year of 2017 was a very exciting year for many reasons for this sweet couple! They had romantic trips planned for London, Croatia and a Niagara falls wine tour. All the while one was ‘secretly’ planning to ask a very important question and  the other was anxiously waiting for a ‘not so secret’ very important question to be asked. The first trip that year was to London, they saw the London bridge, crown jewels and enjoyed the unique tastes of a few of the different street markets, but no important questions came up. The second trip that year was to Croatia, they explored the tastes of the sea, visited Otok Lokrum and wander the walls of Dubrovnik, but still no question. One thought “Now I’ve got him, he wont be able to surprise me, there is only 1 trip left”, but little did she know there was one romantic trip that she had overlooked before the wine tour in Niagara. The third trip, she had overlooked was reminiscent of their very first trip together, a quiet backcountry canoe trip hopping from lake to lake, there were mosquitoes, rain and missed turns but then on Canada’s 150th birthday the misquotes subsided, the sun was bright and setting, the fire was warm and comforting and so he surprised her with the very important question just in time for the fireworks. And so, the sweet couple sat happily together on Sugar Lake.

Wedding Plans:

Finally, 2018, with the wedding day at Rodney’s Oyster House quickly coming up and home renovations coming to a close, there is a rush to finalize the little details before all the family starts arriving. Although not fully ready both are looking forward to August 4th with anticipation and the day cannot come quick enough. The day of joy, laughter, possibly a few tears, speeches and cheers. The day of family, friends, hugs and kisses. The day of dancing, reminiscing and embarrassing stories. But most of all the day they will never forget!


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