How to Prepare for Rain On Your Wedding Day



how to prepare for rain on your wedding day, rain, blog, pinterest, style, guide


How to Prepare for Rain On Your Wedding Day


Rain Rain Go Away!

So while we know that rain on a wedding day is supposed to be good luck, you might not be too excited about everything getting soggy. As a Calgary wedding photographer I have certainly photographed my share of wedding days with rain, but all have turned out gorgeous! Though rain all day isn’t the most ideal situation, taking the time to prepare will allow you to enjoy the day more fully and focus on what’s most important – getting married!


1. Have a back up location

Whether just your wedding ceremony is outdoors, or your entire day including reception, it’s good to have a back up plan in case of rain. A little bit of mist or drizzle and even light rain is okay, but if it’s a torrential downpour, you might need another option. If your reception venue doesn’t have an indoor option for photos, one idea might be to rent a an outdoor tent (which are typically white and bounce light beautifully and can be decorated) or having a backup location to invest in for photographs. Places like indoor atriums, gardens, conservatories, art galleries are all great options. Typically these investments are around $3-500.00. Usually, torrential rain doesn’t last long, so before you stretch that budget, ask yourself if your itinerary can survive a little delay in the day.


2. Tell your guests what’s happening

Best practice would be to inform your guests well in advance for outdoor weddings to come prepared with rain gear and umbrellas. They will thank you for it! Another option is to have a basket of umbrellas and rain ponchos just in case. If you are having a spring wedding, you might want to include a card in your invitation that prepares guests for rain. Also, having extra towels or a plan with what to do about seating would be a great idea. Asking your guests to stand for the ceremony if there is no indoor option is another great idea (this way you avoid wet pants and skirts!).


3. Talk to your vendors and trust their professional opinions

Before you book your vendors, ask how they deal with rain. DJ’s may have covering for electronics, but may pull the plug at a certain threshold, as might photographers. Ask them what their policies are and chat with them about the forecast a week or so before the wedding. When you hire seasoned professionals, they will be prepared. Be flexible about your timeline changes and if you are comfortable – embrace a bit of rain in your photos. They are often romantic, dramatic, and very spontaneous!

how to prepare for rain on your wedding day, rain, blog, pinterest, style, guide


4. What will your day look like completely drenched?

Thinking ahead of time about what a completely rainy day might look like allows you to mentally prepare so that it affects you less the day of. Maybe your guests will be a bit behind because of traffic, perhaps you will have to move your cocktail reception to another location. Where will guests hang their coats and hats? Will you have signs or have indivudals re-directing traffic. Create a Plan B itinerary in case of rain ahead of time so that you can relax on the wedding day.


5. Buy rain accessories

Rubber boots and umbrellas that suit your theme are are great idea, as well as rain ponchos. Of course, these items can be expensive so consider asking guests to come prepared as well. Consider having a shawl or bolero to keep you warm in between shots, as well has having makeup and hair touch up accessories so you can touch up before your reception.

how to prepare for rain on your wedding day, rain, blog, pinterest, style, guide


6. Gear up

Equip your bathrooms with hair dryers for guests, umbrellas, makeup, towels, kleenex etc. along with your other toiletries. Don’t forget your waterproof mascara!


7. Relax

Now that you have a back up plan, you need to prepare emotionally. Sometimes, things happen that you just can’t control. Learn to take things in stride and laugh  it off. Your pictures will still be amazing and you will have the most wonderful wedding day – that ends with you marrying the love of your life!


how to prepare for rain on your wedding day, rain, blog, pinterest, style, guide

Happy Planning!



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