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Planning Wedding Photography

Things your wedding photographer doesn’t want you to do

There are some things your wedding photographer really wants to avoid on your wedding day. Following these tips ensures a smooth experience and amazing photos.

Avoid delegating a bridesmaid as wedding planner

We always want the wedding party and guests to have an amazing time. The duties of a bridesmaid are already quite long. In the past we have found that bridesmaids who are given the title of wedding planner to become, and inadvertently create additional stress for the bride and vendors. We understand, they want it to be a perfect day for their best friend! However, they may not have the same experience and ultimate create more stress for you and your wedding photographer. This is why we always recommend hiring a professional wedding planner. 

We often hear from people “I am so alabaster”. Well, it’s time to embrace how you were made! In post production, nothing looks more strange than a bride or bridesmaid who is obviously tanned or spray tanned. There are always white hands and tanned arms and an orange tinge. Spray tans also can drip with sweat and it ultimately creates an editing nightmare.


Don’t drink too much!

A mimosa or two is perfectly natural (and acceptable!) the morning of your wedding. However, if you drink too much your schedule could be thrown off. Worse yet, you will not be able to be fully present and remember your day. Furthermore, too much drinking leads to delays during photos and it looks messy. This might result in fewer bridal party photos.

Limit Stress

The best way to ensure beautiful photos is to limit your stress. We can always tell when a couple is stressed as it shows through in images and generally takes longer for people to relax in front of the camera.

We recommend having a wedding planner for many reasons, but mainly to act as a defence shield for stress. Instead of fielding questions from everyone, a couple can simply direct them to the planner which creates so much breathing room!

Secondly, don’t worry so much about Pinterest and capturing everything “perfectly.” Your wedding day is unique to you and only you. Getting caught up in poses, examples and perfection only sets you up for stress. Don’t worry about your perceived flaws or nervousness either. A true professional wedding photographer will have many tricks up their sleeve to create lasting memories for you.

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