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How to Have An Unplugged Wedding

how to have an unplugged wedding, wedding planning, wedding ideas

How To Have An Unplugged Wedding

You may or may not know but unplugged weddings have become a fast emerging trend in recent years. As Calgary wedding photographers we love unplugged weddings. Weddings are big investments. Not only financially, but emotionally. You spend considerable time planning your dream day to share in it with your closest family and friends, so naturally, you want everyone to soak up every special moment and enjoy the day!

So what is an unplugged wedding? Simply put, it means that guests turn all of their devices completely off and allow the professional photographers and videographers to capture the day. This allows your guests to be fully present. Some couples opt for the full day to be unplugged, others just the ceremony. If you are thinking of “unplugging” but are on the fence, consider having just the ceremony unplugged but allow photos during the rest of the day.

The ceremony is one of the most important times in your life that you can’t get back. As a bride walks down the aisle, she and her groom should have an unobstructed view of each other to feel the full beauty of the moment! Often times as a wedding photographer, I have experienced guests stepping into the aisle right in front of me. Despite their good intentions, I get a photo of the back of their head or their tripod instead of an important moment, and they at best, have a dark or grainy photo of the couple that they likely will never print or be able to put in an album.

A great way of asking your guests to unplug is to have a statement by your officiant, as well as signs posted to the backs of the seats or rows to remind guests that you want them there to enjoy your special day.

Not only will you be able to enjoy every moment, but your professional photographs also won’t be compromised by people standing in the way or additional flashes going off, or worse….ipads in the isles!

Another idea would be to have cameras on tables or a hashtag for your wedding for the ceremony portion as well. Some couples also opt to have information on their invitations, as well as posted clearly at the wedding. This way, your guests will be able to enjoy the day, and your investment in professional services will be protected.

Happy Planning!

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