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Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

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Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration


When it comes to planning your wedding one of the best ways to showcase your style and wedding theme is with your bridesmaid dresses Finding gowns for your bridesmaids can be a challenge. Long, short, matching or mismatched? The options seem endless. As Calgary wedding photographers, we have seen a lot of bridesmaid gowns so we hope you find this list helpful!


1. What’s your style or theme?

Think about your wedding style and theme. If your wedding is very glamorous or elegant and traditional, you may opt for something long, sleek and timeless for your bridesmaid dresses. If you are opting for a modern theme, your bridesmaid dresses might be shorter, bolder or out of the box.

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2. What kind of statement do you want to make?

For my wedding, it was most important that my bridesmaids were comfortable. Therefore, I found it easiest to give them the option of finding something to wear within a color range. Once they had a few options selected, we went through them together.

However, you might want to make a bold statement or simply showcase your wedding theme.

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3. Do you want all of your bridesmaids to be cohesive and match or have mismatched gowns?

Typically, mismatched gowns within a color range lend themselves very well to elegant but slightly relaxed weddings. This allows your bridesmaids personalities to shine through , while each dress compliments another but doesn’t over power the bride.  meridian beach wedding, calgary wedding photographers, calgary wedding photographer, film wedding photographers, award winning, beach wedding photography, beach wedding, bohemian wedding inspiration



4. Short or long?

Long dresses seem to be the trend the last couple of seasons. Longer dresses are elegant, flowing and romantic. However if your wedding is quite traditional and elegant, matching short dresses can emphasize your theme.

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5. What season is your wedding?

If your wedding is in the heat of the summer then you might want to opt for lighter chiffon materials and lighter colors. Fall weddings lend well to richer tones such as marsala, burgundy, gold and deep blues. Winter weddings look wonderful with whites, creams, pastels and longer options to keep those legs warm! Also consider additions like shawls, capes or boleros to keep your ladies from freezing.


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