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Camera Shy? How to Prepare For Your Wedding Day

Camera Shy? How to Prepare For Your Wedding Day


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That moment above is pretty natural right? Part of my job as a wedding photographer is understanding how to bring out the best in people, and capture those natural moments!  But you might be worried about how those natural moments come about. You may be saying to yourself “But I always make silly faces or freeze in front of the camera!”

Don’t worry so much. Here’s a paper bag. Take a deep breath! You won’t have “popsicle face” for your photos if you heed my advice below.

Make sure you book an Engagement Session. This is a great way to start the photographer – client relationship and get you ready for the big day!

Find a good wedding photographer. (You’re on this website so you are a step in the right direction, huzzah!) In all seriousness, it’s not just about finding a good photographer, it’s finding a good photographer who has a personality. Someone who understands your quirks, personalities and humour. Someone who can make you laugh and you feel genuinely comfortable with! That’s the first step.

If you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable.

Don’t worry about looking at the camera unless your photographer tells you to. Talk to your fiance about mushy things, or finances ( I mean, whatever gets you going, right?!) Have a good time.

30 Minutes. Give it about this much time before you start to feel comfortable. Go for a walk with your photographer, or do like the couple above and have some wine!

Incorporate another activity you like. Do you like taking picnics with your dog, or a hike in the forest? Picking apples in an orchard? Finding an activity can help to ease your nerves and help you to focus on just having a good time.


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