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15 Tips from a Wedding Photographer

15 Tips from a Wedding Photographer

Every once an a while I hear from clients or friends that they’d like some tips about planning their photography experience for their wedding day. Here is a handy list to check out! 15 Tips from a Wedding Photographer.

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1. The contract

Always read a contract, and make sure you make changes with your photographer if you agree upon them. Ensure that you keep this, and look over it fully as the requirements are different from photographer to photographer. If your photographer doesn’t wish to sign an agreement or contract, move along and find someone else. They are everyone’s safety!

2. Editing

Ask your photographer what their editing process is like. Do they outsource their editing? Is it all in house? How many images will be edited? Don’t wait for surprises.

3. Assistants

Ask your photographer if they will have an assistant. Try not to assume they do. Some photographers prefer to work alone, and are more than capable of doing so for weddings under 300 people. If you would like a second shooter, remember that extra costs may be incurred on a per hour basis.

4. Take Engagement Photos

I can’t stress this enough! This is such a great way to start building your relationship with your photographer, as well as get a little mushy with your love! It’s such great practice for your wedding day too.

5. Check the forecast

Ask your photographer what their thoughts are on the weather. Many times we can work around weather concerns, and it can actually add a level of dimension to your photographs! It all depends on your comfort level. Make sure you have a backup plan if you aren’t comfortable with the weather.

6. Find out how you will receive your photos

Will your photos arrive printed? Digitally? Via Email? Cd? Thumb Drive? This should all be included in your contract, as well as your average expected waiting time.

7. Getting your images

Ask your photographer how to get your images or how to have them printed. More often than not, they will have valuable suggestions on where you should print your images so that the they will look their very best!

8. Take into account extra expenses

Second shooters, extra hours of coverage, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses are something to make sure you cover with your photographer before signing a contract so that there are no surprises!

9. Stick to a schedule

Your wedding day will quickly run away on you! Things have a tendency to happen quickly or in contrast, run behind. Try to have an itinerary and make sure you keep the photographer in the loop. Make sure to allocate at minimum, 2 hours for your formal family and bridal party portraits.

10. Become friends with your photographer!

This is a great way to ensure you have amazing images! When you feel comfortable and are able to have a good time. When you connect with your photographer, this will surely show in your images because you will be relaxed, confident and organized.

11. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

If there is something you’d like to try or do, make sure you tell your photographer so that they can make sure your dream can be made a reality! Sometimes ideas hit right on the spot, and it’s okay to speak your mind! If it is something you can easily do, your photographer will probably be up for it!

12. Communication is key

Make sure you tell your photographer about important heirlooms, locations, people and poses you want! If anything comes up during the year before your wedding, make sure you maintain open and honest communication with your photographer so that they can be in the loop and help you out.

13.  Trust your photographer

This one is tough to do sometimes. At times, you may not be able to see or understand what the photographer is envisioning. Go with it! You might be blown away!

14. Remember the details!

The little details are what truly help people to fill in the gaps and understand the meaning of your day. Your details can be things like jewelry, heirlooms, centerpieces etc. They should symbolize your theme and who you are as a couple. The tiniest of details can help tell us just who you are!

15. Plan your wedding around the details

This kind of goes around number one. Make sure that your theme and details fit in with your location! You wouldn’t have a vintage chic wedding held at a modern restaurant would you? Unless you can change the space to make it all cohesive and flow, it’s best to make sure that everything fits together well. This will help to tell the story of your day flawlessly through your images!

Congratulations, and Happy Planning!

Nicole Sarah

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