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Wedding Photography Locations

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Some couples think that they will show up to their wedding and just take photos. Oops! If you want stunning wedding photography, it takes a little bit of planning! The same goes for your Engagement session. Here are some tips to planning wedding and engagement photography locations.

Your photographer should be a part of this process by offering suggestions.

The first thing you want to do is start a list. Write down all of the things you like to do as a couple together. In this list you may find some location ideas. Do you like to ski? Maybe you both play a professional sport. Do you love to canoe at the lake together?

Next, write down some of your favorite local places. It can be anything from coffee shops to buildings or parks.

Your wedding and engagement photography location should have some significance to you as a couple. The couple above loves to ski and loves the outdoors. They are both very fashion forward. Instead of doing a ski themed session, we opted for a beautiful sunset in the snowy park. By simply taking the time to go over locations together we were able to choose something that has significance to them. This reflects in their photos very well.

Do not be afraid to suggest interesting or quirky places to your photographer! More often than not, they will be more than happy to try something new and creative. Your photographer will be keen to find a place that reflects who you are as a couple.

Happy Planning!


Nicole Sarah


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