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Wedding Guest Photography Etiquette

Wedding Guest Photography Etiquette

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Your wedding is an exciting event! But perhaps you have wondered about how to communicate to your guests what the photography etiquette is. Many couples invest a lot of time and money into having a professional wedding photographer. That being said, guests are excited to be there and should be able to take photos to remember the event.

Unfortunately, sometimes guests do not know the appropriate photography etiquette and this could jeopardize the integrity of your final professional photos. If you are unsure of how to communicate this etiquette to them, here are some tips below!

1. Have your officiant make a comment if you are uncomfortable doing so. It’s more appropriate for the officiant to make a statement that informs guests to take pictures during the registry signing and recessional only. The lighting indoors and multiple flashes could disrupt your professional photographers attempt at getting the amazing images you are paying for!

2. Have a sign. A beautiful sign can indicate when and where guests can take photos.

3. If you are a guest and you are reading this, please don’t step into the isle to take a photo. Leaning out is okay, but stepping into the professional photographers space disrupts them, and also takes attention away from the service.

4. Don’t use ipads to take photos. This is generally well known. Ipads do not take the best photos to begin with, but when you hold one up, it blocks the view of those behind you and is generally considered disrespectful.

5. Don’t bring professional lighting and equipment. If you want to become a wedding photographer, start shooting weddings for free but never overstep into the professional hired photographers boundaries. It’s not a personal thing, it’s because we have been hired to capture this momentous day, and your equipment or oversteps could jeopardize the flow of the artistic process, and the final product.

6. Let the photographer and their assistants organize the flow of the formal photography process if there is one. Usually we have a strict timeline to adhere to. Don’t step in to take photos during the formals. Typically, the photographer and family is on a time crunch, and it’s difficult to get all of the photos we need with others stepping in. Rather, ask the bride and groom after the wedding if there is a particular photo they could send to you. They would be more than happy to!

7. The reception. Have at it! Take as many photos as you like. Don’t forget to get on that dance floor and take a few selfies too!



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